The Copy GamePackaging & Book Design

Graphic Designer
Book, DVD-Packaging

For the animation movie, The Copy Game by Melanie Wressnigg, Denise Rudolf Frank and I created a design combining a classic packaging with a way to show the creation of the film.
The book depicts the complete design process of the film, from the first sketches to the final storyboard. It shows pictures of Melanies sketchbook as well as her written concept. This publication is completely bound by hand and the cover is silkscreen printed.

Melanie about The Copy Game:

»This project was produced as part of the admission procedure for the degree program called MultiMediaArt at the college of higher education in Salzburg.
The about five minutes short film tells about two characters, A and B, who attempt to copy the creations of each of them. Because of their diverse characteristic nature they fail and thus create new characteristic works.
The idea for the story sprang from the failure to create something that was unique and never done before. Therefore I specifically dealt with the issue of copying in the world of an creative mind and eventually came to the conclusion, that nothing surrounding us is NOT copied. Nothing can spring from nothing. It’s not possible NOT to copy because after all we’re all living on the same planet and our creativity can only emerge from what is surrounding us all. On the other hand – and that’s what’s the true conclusion here – nothing that the creative mind creates is fully copied. For nobody is identical, furthermore our creations cannot resemble to one hundred percent. The human hand is not able to copy something perfectly. That idea finally was the fundament for my film.«

The film mostly was made in Adobe Flash – backgrounds were created in Adobe Photoshop – and was edited in iMovie.

Original Concept-Drawings by Melanie.