Rauschen. Transcoding & visualizing music.Diploma Project

Graphic Design, Concept, Exhibition Design, Artist
Visualisation Method, Book, Exhibition Catalogue, Exhibition, Promotion, Website

Rauschen is a project on transcoding music and sound to pictures. I chose a technique wich normally is used to share files illegally. Taking a music file and changing it’s suffix from .mp3 to .raw, I could open it with Photoshop and discover a visualized form of music. This process is a very direct form of visualizing sound, resulting in a very unsophisticated and clear picture. These noisy pictures have different structures like waves and sometimes they even get optically broken by a black bar. This visualization of music was the base to design an exhibition. 

In order to give the viewer some historical background, I additionally decided to design a book on the history of notation systems. It includes an overview of the different ways of notation systems, starting with ancient hand signs from Egypt and moving further to modern artistic ways of notating music.

The book is divided in two parts: The first deals with the history of notation systems. The second is an exhibition catalogue showing the artworks on display. For the exhibition I additionally developed a sound-installation with examples for different kinds of noise-pictures.

Examples for different noise-pictures.

Some mock ups showing the exhibition-design.

In order to promote the exhibition I designed a microsite playing the music visualized on site. The website also gives you some historical facts about music notation.

Another promotion I created where public sound installations. These installations worked with monitors placed in public spaces which were connected to microphones. The microphones record the sound around them and automatically transcodes these records into noise pictures.