The Sarajevo ProjectPersonal Project

Graphic Designer, Art-Printing, Photography, Motion Designer
Photographic diary, Art-Prints, Photography, Animation

The Sarajevo Project reflects the aftermath of war in Sarajevo. It’s main focus is the interaction between the people of the Bosnian capital and the many graveyards in the city as well as the numerous other traces around the city letting you know the war isn’t far back in time. 

For this project, Melanie Wressnigg and I designed a photo book called nameless, inspired by the many anonymous gravestones. Our work shows the people of Sarajevo dealing with the graveyards. This book also is a photographic diary containing handwritten excerpts of diary entries from Melanie and me. Both of us designed a separate book. Watching them together let´s you combine the pictures and the short texts in the book in different ways. This way you are able to find new perspectives on the topic every time you watch the book .

Some of my favorite photographies inside the book.

Inspired by the creation of the book we also designed some art prints. The techniques used were silkscreen printing, drypoint and lithography.

Furthermore we designed an animation dealing with the same subject. The movie once more shows the relaxed manner how the people of Sarajevo deal with all the graveyards around them.