Faina WillenigCorporate Design & Portfolio

Diploma Project 2013: Corporate Design and Portfolio for a young fashion-designer. Worked in a team with two other students.

Graphic Design
Portfolio Book & Corporate Design

Corporate design and portfolio for a young fashion-designer. The team of three included Melanie Wressnigg (Graphic Design), Pascal Arabatzis (Photography) and me (Graphic Design). 

One of the premises for the design was that the client could duplicate elements like the business cards and the hangtags at low cost. Therefore we decided to transfer the entire corporate design on to stamps, making the reproduction of the business stationery easy and cheap.

The portfolio is built consists two parts. The first one is a classic catalogue, the second part is a look-book. This separation is depicted the form of the book, a “Z”: Each of its sides shows one of those two parts.