Austrian social securityRedesign

Contest Entry. Redesign for the website of Austrian social security.

Graphic Design, Website Conception

Contest Entry for a Redesign of is one of the most complex websites in Austria. The most difficult part of the project was to keep the design clear and user-friendly.

To achieve a structured and modern feeling I created a system built from single parts like headers for different topics, fitting together in multiple ways. This gives the client the possibility to easy recreate new pages without loosing the look and feel of the overall website. In addition, I created some web-applications like the “ärztekompass” to support the user in health-relevant themes.

The design gave more space to news and a new dropdown-navigation was built. I also designed a sticky header which should ensure that the user has the possibility to navigate through the site. The login got integrated in the header, providing a more personal experience.

A part of the the landing page is structured threefold:

• Ich möchte

• Online Ratgeber

• Online Services

This should allow a maximum of content needing a minimum of space.

Buttons let you switch between themes relevant for either insured persons or insurers. The links on the landing page got redesigned with fresh icons which are easier to find. 

Through gesture videos and audio response the site is also accessible to persons with special needs.

I decided to use fresher looking colors and a better readable typo. 
The new color code should be fit to the varying corporate color codes of the different insurance companies.

The new picture world is more emotional and of course the design is mobile ready and responsive.